NCIS: The Official TV Score - Music By Brian Kirk


  With the release of NCIS: The Official TV Score, composer Brian Kirk believes that he and his collaborators – Greg Burns and Jeff Burns -- had more than a little help in creating this first score soundtrack from the show: The more than 100 million NCIS viewers from around the world. “Oh, they were definitely in the room with us; we absolutely set out do something different and create an album worthy of the fans’ devotion to the show. So if people like the way we’ve presented the NCIS music on this album, the show’s fans should share a lot of the credit.”

As composer for NCIS for the past six seasons, Brian Kirk has written and produced more than 60 hours of music for the series. Having to choose only one album’s worth of music from among those hours of material – all of it having been integral to the series’ episodes – was a daunting task for Kirk, to say the least.

While Kirk’s process begins with expanding upon musical elements that he has created and developed over the course of six seasons, there are myriad other pieces that need to be created during a given episode. As Kirk explains, “There are seven characters on the show that make up the NCIS team, and we've developed a musical signature for each one, all of which can take on many forms” Kirk explained. “We certainly wanted those signatures properly represented on the album, but then there are other musical elements that are meant to convey or enhance the emotion of a particular scene.” In short, Kirk had quite a lot of music to choose from as he worked toward creating a meaningful representation of the show’s musical score.

As NCIS Executive Producer Shane Brennan explains, “Brian’s challenge is compounded by the fact that while the show is built on a dramatic structure, there are also the lighter, more comedic moments that make our show different from other crime-solving dramas. Brian’s music is instrumental in helping to create this distinct of the show, and in bringing the audience along for that ride without jarring them.”

Furthermore, Kirk’s vision for a score soundtrack was to deviate from the formula that most score soundtracks adhere to: simply compiling brief snippets of music: an approach that doesn’t always provide for a great listening experience. Instead, Brian has chosen a more artistic direction with his material, utilizing various musical pieces from the show’s episodes and mixing several of them together to create standalone suites of music that are three to five minutes in length. The resulting 14 tracks – plus a bonus track of the first commercial release of the “NCIS Main Theme” -- provide the listener with an immersive audio experience, presenting the music of NCIS in a cohesive format designed to be listened to as fans would any of their favorite albums.