“Tomorrow Still Comes”

Will Dailey

Written by Will Dailey


Hold on, maybe

In our next life I will be less crazy

And make up for the mistakes made this time

I know you're trying to save me

I know your busy saving yourself

Don't let the light you leave on

Burn you out inside



If I kick tomorrow

Would you stick with me

I know I'm not as straight

As I would like to be

And though it's hard enough as it is

Tomorrow still comes


I'll take the high road

The one you pave with

Patience and love

Let our pages turn with the tide

I have made you my crutch

Yeah I owe you too much

I can only clean up and

Get out the gallows from my mind




So shine your star

Sing the words

From the song that leads the way back home


Tomorrow still comes…

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