NCIS Disc 02: Abby's Lab
Track 04: Love Is Like

Spawned in 1984 by German-born Sascha Konietzko, KMFDM pioneered the crossover between machines and musicians with their signature "Ultra-Heavy Beat" sound.  Being signed in the late 80's by Chicago's WAX TRAX! Records and rapidly becoming a mainstay of the American industrial scene, KMFDM have evolved through the years with constant experimentation, frequent album releases and touring; continually redefining themselves with each new release.  In the latter part of the 90's, Konietzko's revolving door policy of occasionally inviting uniquely skilled musicians to collaborate with him in/as KMFDM, brought multi-instrumentalist, producer, remixer Tim Skold (Marilyn Manson, Skold, Shotgun Messiah) into the KMFDM fold.


After collaborating on the track 'Anarchy' from the 1997 KMFDM album Symbols Skold stayed with KMFDM, including the self-titled side-project MDFMK on Universal/Republic, up until joining Marilyn Manson in 2001. During this time, it seems Skold and Konietzko established a working relationship that doesn't require proximity to yield results. Back together as SKOLD vs KMFDM, their latest collaboration was produced entirely in a 'virtual' environment, with both collaborators holed up in their respective studios in Los Angeles and Hamburg, Germany.  Skold and Konietzko pushed their recording and communication technology to the limits and have produced a stunning new record without ever stepping into the same room with each other.


“Love Is Like” is one of their brand new recordings and will be utilized in a Season 6 episode of NCIS in 2009.  The track is currently available only on NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack.

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