The Airborne Toxic Event
NCIS Disc 02: Abby's Lab
Track 05: I Don't Want To Be On TV

Some bands grind it out for years before they find a following and then some bands are seemingly big from the start. When The Airborne Toxic Event arrived in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles, California to play their first show, they were greeted by a crowd of more than 200 people. What followed was a year of steady ascent: bigger and bigger shows, trips up and down the West Coast and to New York and the UK. Rolling Stone named them one of the top 25 bands on MySpace, The Los Angeles Times, in its year end wrap-up, called them the band to watch in 2008.

The band quickly learned the in-and-outs of the modern music industry and came to a few conclusions: own your music, control your destiny, earn your fans honestly.  So, when the upstart West Coast indie imprint Majordomo offered the band a dream partnership deal, they took it and decided to forego the entire major-label system.  With the release of their self-titled debut album in August 2008, critics raved and fans nationwide quickly latched on to the excitement that began in Los Angeles.  As 2008 ended, iTunes named “Sometime Around Midnight” the #1 Alternative Song Of the Year on their Best of 2008 list.

The band’s contribution to NCIS: The Original TV Soundtrack is the ironically titled, “I Don’t Want To Be On TV,” a brand new track featured exclusively on this album.  The song will also be featured in the February 10th episode of NCIS, titled “Deliverance.”

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