NCIS Disc 02: Abby's Lab
Track 10: Satellite 2009

Solamingus members Greg Burns, Jeff Burns and Brian Kirk have made music together for more than a decade. It took a TV show called Gary The Rat and a culmination of technical and creative energies to generate their unique synthesis of electronic music, big band jazz, turntablism, hip hop, and world music.

The band has released five albums, issuing their most recent, Define Funk, in 2008.  Solamingus is primarily a production group which rarely mounts a stage.  As the Solamingus members state, they would “rather tinker with sounds in front of a computer all day than go bungee jumping.”  The band’s music has received rave reviews, won awards and utilized in countless television shows commercials, films and video games.

“Satellite 2009” revisits an earlier musical piece that appeared in the “Red Cell” episode of NCIS in 2005.

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