Perry Farrell
NCIS Disc 02: Abby's Lab
Track 03: Nasty Little Perv

Perry Farrell has been one of music’s most significant figures and cultural leaders since emerging from the Los Angeles club scene in the late 1980s.  His band, Jane’s Addiction, is generally considered one of the seminal influences on alternative music, and remains so nearly two decades after Farrell disbanded the group (the band reunited for a 1997 tour).  While Farrell originally conceived the Lollapalooza Festival as a farewell tour for Jane’s Addiction, it evolved into a major annual touring event, virtually launching the traveling concert industry in the U.S.

Farrell’s followup musical project, Porno For Pyros released albums in 1993 and 1996 and became a major touring attraction through the mid-1990s.  He released a solo album in 2001 and an album from his conceptual outfit, Satellite Party in 2007.

“Nasty Little Perv” is a brand new recording from Perry Farrell and will be featured prominently in a Season 6 episode of NCIS in 2009.  The track is availably exclusively on NCIS:  The Official TV Soundtrack.

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