NCIS Disc 01: Special Agent
Track 12: NCIS Theme

Fans of NCIS are highly familiar with the music of Numeriklab even if they’re not fully aware of it.  Googling the band’s name will reveal that its members composed the NCIS theme in 2002, infusing the show with what is now one of the most recognizable musical pieces in the world.

After collaborating on several projects together in 2002, Maurice « m.0 » Jackson, Matt Hawkins and Neil Martin joined forces with the hope of simply working on some new music and with the ambitious goal of producing tracks that represent the entire spectrum of electronic music. 

Writing the NCIS theme has, not surprisingly, opened many previously impenetrable doors for Numeriklab, and the members find themselves in the enviable position of narrowing the list of proposed projects they’re consistently offered.  Between working on various music projects, touring the country with Deathline Int., and squeezing their individual projects into any additional daylight, this is an exciting time for Numeriklab as they enjoy success that has surpassed even their own expectations.

The NCIS theme has never been commercially released until its exclusive inclusion on NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack.

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