John Mellencamp
NCIS Disc 01: Special Agent
Track 05: Troubled Land

John Mellencamp is one of America’s most authoritative rockers and adroit storytellers, having penned and performed countless classic tunes, such as “Pink Houses,” “Small Town” and “Rain on the Scarecrow,” which symbolize the hopes, fears and basic decency of America’s heartland. He also has captured rock’s feisty, independent spirit and dogged pursuit of good times on such numbers as “Crumbling Down,” “Authority Song” and “R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A. 

His most recent album, Life, Death, Love and Freedom, produced by T Bone Burnett, was one of the most critically acclaimed releases of the artist’s career, making numerous critics’ “Best Of” lists in 2008 and earning the #5 slot in Rolling Stone’s year-end issue.  John Mellencamp was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008

“Troubled Land” is John Mellencamp’s contribution to NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack and is one of the highlights from Life, Death, Love and Freedom, and was utilized in a crucial scene in the Season 6 episode of NCIS, “Collateral Damage’

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