NCIS Disc 02: Abby's Lab
Track 09: Head Spin

Once upon a time, somewhere around 1992, two people met at an industrial dance club. One was very thirsty, so they asked the other to get them some water. After the liquid reached the glass, the two began a conversation, which became a friendship, and then formed a creative union:  Collide

 The primary core of the Los Angeles based duo is Statik and kaRIN; Statik is responsible for the sound orchestrations and overall production, while kaRIN takes care of the vocals and lyrics.

The essence of COLLIDE is the coming together of two opposing entities to form a symbiotic whole;  combining the female and masculine energies, the cognitive and the subliminal, the strength and the mystery.

Meaningful lyrics and alluring hypnotic vocals combine with an aural sculpture to form an experience in listening that defies categorization. "I think the reason why our sound is different is because we do not approach music in a traditional way. We don't play music; we try to create soundscapes -- layers of depth and sound."  To date, the duo have released eight full length CDs and a DVD

Collide’s music has been featured in many NCIS scenes taking place in Abby’s Lab, and their music is immediately identifiable to show fans.  “Head Spin” is brand new from the band and is featured in the January 6, 2009 episode, “Caged.”

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