Blue October
NCIS Disc 01: Special Agent
Track 01: Kangaroo City

The members of this Texas-based quintet have been practicing their exhaustingly intense games of emotional give and take since forming in 1996. As both band frontman and principal songwriter, Justin Furstenfeld naturally assumed the lightning rod position, literally crafting diary entries into shockingly forthcoming tunes about all things abuse and addiction.

Blue October’s first three full-length albums -- The Answers (1998), Consent to Treatment (2000), and History for Sale (2003) -- resonated deeply with rock fans craving sincerity, eclecticism, and unpredictability, while 2006’s Foiled shattered the glass ceiling, soaring towards platinum sales.

“Kangaroo Cry” is a brand new recording from Blue October and currently available only on NCIS:  The Official TV Soundtrack.  The song will be featured in an upcoming episode of NCIS this season.

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