Android Lust
NCIS Disc 02: Abby's Lab
Track 08: Hole Solution

Born in Bangladesh, Android Lust auteur Shikhee has been exploring the cutting edge of desire, rage, and panic in her songs since her first independent release in 1998. Borrowing elements from diverse musical styles, Android Lust presents a blend of electronic rock that is provocative, engaging, and fiercely emotional.  In true Android Lust sentiment, Shikhee saves her best hooks for her most vicious sentiments, all while taking modern electronic music even further to the edge.

Android Lust’s music has been featured numerous times in NCIS, as part of the musical soundtrack served up by character Abby Sciuto in her forensics lab.  “Hole Solution” has been a particular NCIS fan favorite since heard in the Season 3 episode, “Frame Up.”

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